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Our Sevices

Advisory / consulting

Tralee provides advisory/ consulting services to primarily institutional investors and entrepreneurial operators. We work all engagements behind the scenes so they do not create a threat to clients’ strategies.

Our advisory works include domestic and international engagements, especially in Europe.

Our clients include some of the biggest domestic and international firms including REITS, hedge funds and pension funds.

Acquisition / disposition

Tralee provides detailed acquisition and disposition support for a variety of clients. For certain clients, it acts as the de-facto Transaction Officer/team in sourcing /disposing transactions and/or reviewing the work of the clients internal staff.

Asset management

Tralee has the experience and resources to efficiently asset manage larger portfolios. This allows clients to maximize their time, energy and efforts versus spending time coordinating different management firms and vendors.

Distressed debt opportunities

Due to its extensive transaction, equity & debt experience, Tralee is able to quickly valuate the underlying assets. This allows clients to bid on debt with and educated assessment of the assets and the possible exit scenarios.