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Legacy Knowledge without the Legacy Costs

The goal of an investor is to find the right manager with the proper sustainable strategy Tralee has no existing baggage from failed funds, strategies or legacy positions The lead managers have over 25 years of combined real estate experience throughout a variety of market cycles and how to provide solid returns in any environment. Entrepreneurial spirit with institutional know how. The edge is to anticipate the capital flows and to be in front of them. The partners have extensive public and private real estate experience which allows maximization of public vs. private arbitrage.

No conflicts – No internal property management company to steal focus or to be forced buy assets to support a property management organization.

Excellent historic ability to source transactions throughout the United States.

Knowledge and track record in structuring transactions to take advantage of dislocations.

Strong track record with partners and related partnership issues.

Familiar with RE bankruptcy and reorganization issues which will be important in executing part of the fund’s strategy.

Excellent execution and working relationships with the best local or regional third party property management, leasing and sales teams.